Learn practical marketing strategies for small businesses with New American Marketing (NAM) and the Queens Chamber of Commerce.

In this special complimentary webinar session, we will discuss:

  • How to find clients using integrated marketing- Developing a strategy to increase your business in diverse markets.
  • Why is NOW the perfect time to use an integrated marketing approach?
  • NAM's branding and communication services and sample creatives
  • NAM's web development & management services and samples
  • NAM's email and video marketing services and samples
  • NAM's webinar management services

New America Marketing (NAM) is a New York based boutique marketing consulting company engaged in developing innovative marketing solutions to help clients achieve sustainable business growth by leveraging the changing consumer demographic landscape in the country. At New America Marketing we partner with small businesses, financial institutions, and other consumer facing companies to help them become more appealing to the exploding diverse markets.

This webinar will be on the Zoom meeting platform. The link to which will be emailed out once you register and is also included below for convenience. This webinar will have completely complimentary entry and is open to the public.

Zoom Link