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Come join us to learn about ACDBE, Join Venture & LBE concession opportunities at JFK Terminal 6!

JFK Millennium Partners, JMP, The Queens Chamber of Commerce and Greater Jamaica Development Corporation are pleased to announce upcoming Airport Concessions Opportunities for ACDBE and local businesses.

JFK Millennium Partners (JMP) is building a world class, 1.2 million square foot Terminal 6 which will occupy the site of the former Terminal 6 and Terminal 7 when completed. This $4.2 bn redevelopment is part of the Port Authority's $19 bn investment which will transform JFK into a modern, 21st century airport. Numerous opportunities are available for local ACDBE Firms and local business enterprises (LBEs) to work with JMP and be part of this exciting transformation.

Here's what you can expect from our informative session:

  • Discover Your Path to Success: Gain a comprehensive overview of the vast array of opportunities available for ACDBE concessionaires and local business enterprises (LBEs) within the Terminal 6 redevelopment project. We'll delve into the specific areas where your expertise and entrepreneurial spirit can shine, opening doors for growth and success.
  • Forge Powerful Partnerships: We understand the value of collaboration and the potential of joining forces with prime vendors and established ACDBE firms. Discover how strategic partnerships can amplify your impact and create winning proposals that resonate with the project's vision. Learn about the exciting potential to collaborate and bring your unique strengths to the table.
  • Unveiling the Project Timeline: Get an exclusive glimpse into the project's timeline and key milestones. Stay ahead of the game by gaining insights into upcoming RFP release dates, allowing you to plan and prepare effectively for the opportunities that lie ahead. We'll keep you informed and equipped for success every step of the way.
  • Navigating Requirements and Qualifications: Understanding the requirements and qualifications for ACDBE firms is crucial. Our session will provide valuable information to ensure you meet the necessary criteria, positioning you for maximum consideration in the selection process. We'll guide you through the certification process, ensuring you have the knowledge and resources to navigate it successfully.

Don't miss this chance to be part of the JFK Terminal 6 transformation and leave your mark on a project that will shape the future of one of the world's busiest airports. Join us to explore the boundless opportunities that await local ACDBE firms and LBEs. Together, we'll create a thriving, diverse, and vibrant airport experience.


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