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Venue Location
Venue Location

King Manor Museum

150-03 Jamaica Avenue
Jamaica, New York

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Contact Person: Shahriar Hossain

Join us for a pivotal panel discussion at the Queens Chamber of Commerce Not-for-Profit Committee meeting, aimed at amplifying your nonprofit's funding capabilities. This engaging event showcases the expertise of Susan Shiroma, a seasoned Business Librarian at Queens Public Library (QPL), alongside knowledgeable specialists from

Susan will provide a comprehensive overview of the rich resources and free classes available at the Central Library, a committed community partner to Candid since 1974. Explore powerful tools such as the Foundation Directory Professional, GuideStar Pro, and Grants to Individuals, and learn how they can significantly boost your nonprofit's development and fundraising endeavors.

Expert representatives from Candid will offer deep insights into the latest trends in philanthropy, revealing the nuances of the current non-profit funding landscape. This session is specifically designed to address the pressing priorities and fundraising needs of the Not-for-Profit Committee's members, incorporating feedback and suggestions gathered beforehand.

Prepare for an interactive experience with a panel discussion format and an extensive Q&A session, creating a dynamic environment for knowledge exchange and networking.

Don't miss this unique opportunity to empower your organization with advanced knowledge, essential tools, and valuable networking opportunities. We are excited to contribute to the Not-for-Profit Committee's work and support the growth and success of our vibrant non-profit community.

All are welcome so feel free to bring a friend!

  • Kelsey Brow (Executive Director of King Manor Museum)

    Kelsey Brow

    Executive Director of King Manor Museum

  • Tracy Kaufman (Educational Programming Manager at

    Tracy Kaufman

    Educational Programming Manager at

  • Kief Schladweiler (Development Specialist at

    Kief Schladweiler

    Development Specialist at

  • Susan Shiroma (Business Librarian at Queens Public Library)

    Susan Shiroma

    Business Librarian at Queens Public Library

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Sponsors and Partners

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