Time is the most valuable resource known to mankind. It is finite and cannot be expanded. Once used it is gone forever.

How do employees stay engaged and productive at work while satisfying demands related to their personal lives? This challenge is becoming more challenging as the competing demands of a 24/7 workplace collide with equally complicated demands in our personal lives. The inevitable result is more daily stress. Flexible employment strategies is the answer to maximizing the utility of the limited 24 hours in a day. This workshop will explore strategies to effectively cope with and balance those demands utilizing flexible work initiatives to promote more effective use of time at and away from work.

This event has complimentary entry and is open to the public. The event will be held on the Zoom online meeting platform. The link for entry will be made available upon registration and is also available below for convenience.

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  • Joshua Bienstock (Director of New York Institute of Technology School of Management)

    Joshua Bienstock

    Director of New York Institute of Technology School of Management

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