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Venue Location
Venue Location

Queens Chamber of Commerce

75-20 Astoria Boulevard, Suite 140
Jackson Heights, New York

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Contact Person: Shahriar Hossain
  • Event Focus: Insightful panel on buying and selling businesses, hosted by the Queens Chamber of Commerce's Banking and Law committee.
  • Expert Panel: Comprising an attorney, a business broker, and a CPA, each offering specialized knowledge.
  • Key Topics:Due Diligence Explained: Demystifying its importance in evaluating a business's health and potential risks.
  • Buying a Business: Essential knowledge for potential buyers, including market trends, valuations, and investment viability.
  • Selling a Business: Guidance for sellers on what information to share with buyers, balancing transparency and confidentiality.
  • Practical Application: Real-world strategies and advice for both buyers and sellers in business transactions.
  • Networking Opportunity: A chance to connect with professionals and experts in the field.

This event is designed to provide practical, actionable insights for anyone involved in or interested in the complexities of business transactions.

  • Michael Bernstein (Senior Executive Consultant at The Moxie Group)

    Michael Bernstein

    Senior Executive Consultant at The Moxie Group

  • Edward McWilliams (Partner at CERINI & ASSOCIATES)

    Edward McWilliams

    Partner at CERINI & ASSOCIATES

  • Alexis Soterakis (Attorney at Coran Ober P.C.)

    Alexis Soterakis

    Attorney at Coran Ober P.C.

  • Clive White (Commercial Banker at Bank of America)

    Clive White

    Commercial Banker at Bank of America


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